ZoneRanger Provides High Availability Option


The enterprise network operations team is required to have a high availability solution for all management products.   This requirement means that all components of the management framework must have a strategy to allow device management to continue even if there is a failure of an individual component.


ZoneRanger provides a high availability option wherein two ZoneRangers are configured to be redundant with each other.  Redundant ZoneRangers synchronize their configurations and automatically update the other ZoneRanger when there is a configuration change.

Each ZoneRanger will automatically manage the same set of devices and report any status changes to the same Ranger Gateway residing in the secure area of the network.   That Ranger Gateway will deduplicate events coming from the redundant ZoneRangers and forward only a single event to the management applications.

Proxy (SNMP, SSH, ICMP) requests from management applications through the Ranger Gateway are processed by either redundant ZoneRanger.   If one ZoneRanger is unavailable, management application requests are handled by the other ZoneRanger, unbeknownst to the application itself.

Thus, ZoneRanger redundancy provides a secure, high availability solution when actively managing devices within an untrusted network.