ZoneRanger Manages Air Gap Networks


Air Gap Network - ZoneRangerAir gap networks have long been the solution for protecting SCADA networks, industrial sites and government networks from external compromise. Whether your networks are responsible for the production of invaluable public utilities or managing highly sensitive information, they are a business resource that needs to be monitored and managed. The air-gap creates a needed barrier to an external threat, but it also hinders your ability to efficiently monitor and manage your mission-critical resources.




ZoneRanger has a feature called FireCloud to address this issue. The FireCloud feature uses our patented, high-security ZoneRanger appliance to capture network events, device and interface status, logs and other network infrastructure data flows. Utilizing our deep-packet inspection algorithms and data encryption, a super-secure file is written to a file share via SMB or SFTP (often reffered to as a Data Diode), ensuring a ONE WAY data path. On the other side of the data path, another ZoneRanger authenticates and validates the file, allowing the information to be forwarded to next level. This process, called chaining, can be nested 20 levels.

At the top of the chain, a ZoneRanger Anchor interacts directly with management applications such as HP Network Node Manager, HP Operations Manager, EMC Smarts, etc, to give you a secure, enterprise-wide status view of every managed device on a single pane of glass – all from your secure NOC in near-real time. Logging system/device activity is a critical component in maintaining a complex network infrastructure. The NOC relies on log messages for exception reporting and troubleshooting. The security organization can use the log information to “playback” what occurred during a suspect incident. Industry regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley may require that accurate logs be stored in a secure archive as well.