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Critical infrastructure is not prepared for cyber attacks; Who are all these hacker groups?

Secure Computing announced the results of a study conducted during August and September 2008 in the US, Canada and Europe. The study surveyed 199 international security experts and other “industry insiders” from utilities, oil and gas, financial services, government, telecommunications, transportation and other critical infrastructure industries. Despite a growing body of legislation and regulation, more than half of these experts believed that most critical infrastructure continues to be vulnerable to cyber attack. Further, a majority of respondents said that major attacks have already…

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“Hacker groups that attack or steal — some estimates say there are as many as 6,000 of such groups online with about 50,000 “bad actors” around the world drifting in and out of them — are a threat, but the goals, methods, effectiveness of these groups varies widely.”  — See Network World Senior Editor, Ellen Messmer’s informative look at some of the most notorious cyber-gangs and their motives in her full July Security installment “Who are all these hacker groups?”


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