Managed Service Providers (MSP)


A full service Managed Service Provider (MSP) located in Europe assists customers in achieving required levels of information and security compliance.  Their services help customers achieve compliance through the use of best practices and leading edge technologies.  They provide their services to customers in the financial, healthcare, government and manufacturing industries.   The MSP was in stiff competition to win new business at the same time the company was focused on improving their profitability margins.   They needed to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and improve security at the customer premises.  They realized they needed a solution that would allow a greater number of clients to share the cost of each application located at the service providers’ location.

The ZoneRanger Solution

In 2010, this European MSP implemented Tavve’s ZoneRanger solution to securely manage devices located at several customer premises.  They deployed redundant pairs of ZoneRangers to several customer data centers throughout Europe.   The ZoneRanger provided a mechanism to securely extend the reach of their existing management applications, which reduced the need to deploy additional applications instances in each customer network.  The ZoneRanger allowed the MSP to use their existing management applications to securely communicate to managed devices using a variety of protocols  (e.g. SNMP, ICMP, Syslog, SSH, NetFlow).   Additionally, one customer had grown by a large number of acquisitions, which resulted in a numerous small organizations with unregistered IP addresses.  The ZoneRanger provided the necessary NAT management to allow for management of the duplicate IP addresses.  The SSL/TLS encrypted connection between the ZoneRanger and the existing management applications along with the data inspection performed on each protocol ensured the customer devices were being managed securely and effectively.


The MSPs results were increased security, decreased cost, and decreased time to deploy new devices in the customer networks as their network grew.  The ZoneRanger provided the following security benefits:  protocol break in all TCP connections and application-protocol-specific packet inspection.   It significantly reduced the TCO because the MSP no longer had to deploy the expensive management applications at the customer premises.  The savings were both in the product and labor expenses associated with deploying management applications at the customer premises.  The ZoneRanger provided the benefit of the reducing the time required to deploy new devices in the network.

In conclusion, the MSP now has a clear picture of what is occurring at the customer premises while reducing the TCO and improving the security.

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