The ZoneRanger™ – Where You Make The Rules


How long do you wait for a firewall rule change to be implemented?

How much more efficient could you be if you didn’t have to wait for network security to approve your requests?


Quickly and Securely –

  • Route UDP traffic from your DMZ to your management applications
  • Add new managed devices to the DMZ
  • Route management traffic to multiple management applications</span?


Increase network security by reducing your attack surface

Simplify your network by routing all of your network management traffic trough a single encrypted firewall port.


Firewall, DMZ, Application Management, Firewall Rules, Cybersecurity

In 2016, almost 3,000,000 new firewalls were sold. Firewalls are a given component in every network. The firewall is a system deployed to protect our data and prevent unauthorized access. The latest Gartner Magic Quadrant report lists 16 vendors in the enterprise market. Many large vendors did not make Gartner’s list and many, many more mid-tier vendors are selling firewalls at historic levels. As the security threats continue to grow, there is no reason to expect the number of firewalls to decrease.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • How Two Departments Within One Company Are Incompatible
  • 4 Options for Handling Firewall Access
  • A simple solution for securely managing the devices in your DMZs


Why Tavve ZoneRanger™

The ZoneRanger™ supports all dominant industry protocols and is fully vendor independent. This independence allows our customers to choose the management applications, firewalls, and end devices from ANY vendor.


For more information contact

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