ZoneRanger in the MSP - Sharing Applications


Successful MSPs are streamlined and efficient. Enterprise-level management applications are standardized. The greater the number of clients to share the cost of each application, the lower the TCO. Typical enterprise management applications range in price from $10,000 to $100,000 plus. Spreading this cost over the greatest number of clients is a critical component to profitability for a service provider. This is accomplished due to several factors. First is the actual cost of the application. The second direct expense is the system and add-on components. The final cost is the manpower required to install, configure, and maintain the system. The simple rule, the fewer the applications and systems the lower the cost of supporting the clients.

The ZoneRanger Solution

Many applications are priced on a per node or interface basis. For many applications the ZoneRanger is seen as a single node and none of the devices in the DMZ are added to the node count for the enterprise application. Each ZoneRanger can manage up to 500 devices at a cost $40/device*. This is a fixed cost, regardless of device type or number of interfaces. A single ZoneRanger can support in excess of 100 unique management applications. The number of applications, servers, or protocols does not change the cost.

An MSP using Entuity Eye of the Storm used a ZoneRanger for each client facility to maximize their investment in EYE. Each ZoneRanger is managed by EYE and the ZoneRanger manages the actual devices in each remote location. The ZoneRanger for the individual location determines root cause. A single root cause (trouble ticket) trap is delivered from the ZoneRanger to EYE, which forwards the single ticket to network operations. Deployment of the ZR has reduced the remote node count by 80%. A similar reduction in trouble tickets is also achieved by allowing the ZoneRanger to determine root cause at a local level. The MSP has extended the reach of a single instance of EYE without compromising SLAs. Network security has been increased due to ZoneRangers secure proxy function. Firewall rules and administration were also reduced. The combination of these features has resulted in a significant increase in profitability and delivery of SLAs.