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ZoneRanger 5.6 Released!

Tavve Software Company has announced the release of ZoneRanger 5.6. ZoneRanger 5.6 provides a number of additional features including:

  • Support for IPv6–  Initial support for IPv6 is for ICMP and SNMP for ZoneRangers with an SPX license was added.

    –  On the ZoneRanger this includes SNMP proxy, ICMP proxy, Proxy Cache, and Diagnostics.

    –  On the Ranger Gateway this includes GVI, RGVI, troubleshootnetwork command and commands to add an IPv6 route to a ZoneRanger.

  • Secure TCP Proxy–  The ability to proxy inbound TCP sessions on port 22 was added. The ZoneRanger’s SSH port must be disabled for both interfaces. However SSH to the ZoneRanger  via the Ranger Gateway can enabled.
  • TLSv1.2–  The messaging pipe between the ZoneRanger and Ranger Gateways, and between
    ZoneRangers, has been upgraded to support TLSv1.2 for a more secure connection.
    Backward compatibility has been maintained.
  • Ranger Gateway troubleshootNetwork command enhanced

    –  The Ranger Gateway command troubleshootNetwork has been enhanced to allow
    the snmpget command to be executed from the perspective of the
    ZoneRanger. IPv6 support was also added.

  • ZoneRanger Profiles and Backups

    –  Creating, restoring and managing ZoneRanger profiles and backups can be handled on the Ranger Gateway using the commands: profile and backup

  • TCP Proxy

    –  The reliability with a large number of simultaneous TCP Proxy sessions has been
    improved. The number of simultaneous sessions that can be supported without
    sessions being dropped has increased by approximately 50%.

  • TFTP Proxy

    –  The reliability with a large number of simultaneous TFTP Proxy sessions
    has been improved.

  • Traffic Reporting

    –  A list of up to 25 “Top Talkers” is included in the traffic log to help
    identify devices that may be emitting more traffic then expected. The
    configuration of the threshold settings of a maximum of 500 packets/second
    has been removed.

  • TTL Support Added for ICMP Proxy

    –  When TTL support is enabled on the Ranger Gateway, the ICMP Proxy service
    will reuse the Time To Live value from the received packet. This is useful
    for supporting network utilities such as ICMP based traceroute.

  • ZoneRanger Forwarding Rules

    –  For Syslog, the messaging filtering has been enhanced to include the ability to prevent
    messages from being forwarded if they meet the search criteria. The ZoneRanger
    filter processing efficiency was improved.

  • Passcodes used for Joining ZoneRangers and Ranger Gateways

    –  The managing of passcodes for joining ZoneRangers and Ranger Gateways can
    get unwieldy when there are multiple devices interconnected. The ZoneRanger
    GUI will display the current passcode for each joined Ranger Gateway. On
    the Ranger Gateway the listJoined command has been extended to include an
    option of displaying the current passwords for the joined ZoneRangers.

  • TFTP Proxy

    –  The ability to set blocknum wrapping for was added to the ZoneRanger GUI and CLI.
    Enabling blocknum wrapping allows files larger then 33553919 bytes to be transferred.

  • Ranger Gateway GVI and IPv6 Routes

    –  If an IPv6 route is added to an enabled GVI but IPv6 is not enabled, the route
    will not be displayed in the list of routes on the Ranger Gateway GUI.
    The list of IPv6 routes can be displayed using the command: gvi listRoutes -all


For infomation on these features or any other ZoneRanger capabilities, contact sales@tavve.com.


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