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Reduce Security Workload with a Simple Cybersecurity Solution

Reduce your security teams workload while increasing security – Let’s rethink our archaic business process

If you follow the news, no not that news, I’m talking about technology and business news, and you will find the topic “CYBERSECURITY” in at least half of the articles you read. If you’re an IT professional in the cybersecurity field, congratulations. It’s a difficult, complex and often thankless job but you and your unique skill set are in incredibly high demand. If you’re in a position of trying to find a skilled cybersecurity professional, I wish you the best, it’s a tight market and finding that right person for your organization will be difficult.

The cyberseek.org website reports that “In 2016 there were 112,000 opening for Information Security Analysts, but only 96,870 workers currently employed in those positions – an annual talent shortfall of over 15,000 workers for cybersecurity’s larges job.” I think we all realize that the need for qualified cybersecurity professionals is going to continue to rise as we try to respond to the threats against our corporate infrastructure.

The need for qualified cybersecurity professionals is not going to decrease, at least not in the foreseeable future, so shouldn’t we spend more time looking for ways to decrease the security team’s workload while maintaining or even increasing security? Are we too busy trying to respond to threats to look for new solutions, or worse yet, have we just accepted the status quo of “that’s just how it’s always been done”?

If you work in a large corporate IT environment with multiple DMZs and your network operations team tries to manage 100s or 1,000s of devices in those DMZs you know that considerable time is needed to create, maintain, and audit the firewall rules needed to manage those devices. The network operations team thinks your security policies are unreasonable and severely limits their ability to do their job. The, already overburdened, security team doesn’t see the need to create another firewall rule that opens yet another port in their firewall.

There are cost-effective solutions to simplifying this process and significantly reducing the workload for your security team but you have to be willing to accept that there is a better way than “that’s the way we’ve always done it”. The ZoneRanger by Tavve Software can eliminate the need for firewalls rules for passing Network Management traffic through your firewall by replacing them with a single encrypted open port. A significant reduction in the attack surface of your firewall and a significant reduction in man-hours needed for managing firewall rules. A simple solution for a problem that is typically been accepted as a necessary business process.


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