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Improve Agility, Reduce Cost For Firewall Approval Process

Being more agile and responsive provides better customer service to internal and external customers.

When an important customer needs to deploy a server to the DMZ immediately, the IT department must write up a firewall request for the monitoring systems to access the new servers through the DMZ firewall. The Change Control Board only meets once a week and the Firewall Approval Process requires at least a day to process the paperwork. The deadline for submitting requests was yesterday! Now we’ll need to engage the emergency change request process to meet out business deadlines and take care of our customer. All the managers in that process will be interrupted to process this request leading to rescheduled meetings and delayed planning. Your boss looks at you again and says “We need to be more agile!

You don’t have to go through the firewall approval process every time you add a device to the DMZ. ZoneRanger provides a secure proxy for your DMZ servers. Typical DMZ configuration requires a firewall request for each set of ports opened between the host in the DMZ and the monitoring servers inside the network. Zone Ranger requires one request through which it can send and receive all the management traffic for your DMZ servers.

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ZoneRanger supports a growing suite of management protocols, including:

  • ICMP
  • SNMP
  • FTP
  • TFTP
  • Telnet / SSH
  • Syslog
  • NetFlow / sFlow
  • NTP


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Your Change Control Board and Firewall Approval Process often involve several managers reviewing paperwork requiring hours of aggregated resource time to generate, review and approve requests leading to unnecessary expenses and delay to meet DMZ security requirements. Today’s business response time to customer requests is measured in minutes not days so you need to rethink past ways of managing your DMZ servers and simplify firewall configuration by employing a proxy to securely transport your management traffic to your internal management platforms. Zone Ranger provides the solution.

Improve your company’s agility and reduce deployment time by using ZoneRanger to manage all your servers in the DMZ. Zone Ranger will provide better security, faster response to requests, better tracking of all connections, verification of protocols and secure traversal through the firewall for all your management traffic.


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