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Diagnostic User – ZoneRanger 5.6 Service Pack 1

This release offers a new feature to improve access control within the ZoneRanger appliance. Introducing Diagnostic Privilege Level, which allows you to configure users with access to troubleshooting tools, while still restricting them from the configuration and administration components of the ZoneRanger.

Diagnostics access allows users to troubleshoot network problems through the use of Ping, Address Resolution, Find Route, SNMP, Insertion Tools, and TACACS+/Radius test. The new Diagnostic privilege level also integrates with TACACS+ and Radius servers requiring only minimal configuration changes on those servers. Defining the configurable TACACS+ privilege level number and setting up the key word “diagnostic” in Radius will grant diagnostic login through these systems.

The current implementation limits users to either full access to the application or read-only access. The Diagnostic User has no access to the ZoneRanger configuration or administration, but it does grant access to powerful troubleshooting tools formerly only accessible to ZoneRanger administrators.


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