Do you know how much time you are spending managing your firewalls?

1 hour

F/W Rule Change Request

2 hours

Request Approval

8 hours

F/W Change Committee Approval

4 hours

F/W Rule Change Testing

2 hours

F/W Rule Change Implementation

2 hours

F/W Rule Change Documentation

network diagram

Why Tavve Software

Tavve Software has been developing and supporting software and security appliances for financial institutions, government agencies, and large public utilities for over 15 years. During this time we have become experts in securely porting network management protocols through firewalls to provide a more secure infrastructure using fewer resources.

Why ZoneRanger

The Tavve ZoneRanger reduces firewall rule complexity and thus administrative cost, while simultaneously allowing secure management of previously difficult or impossible to reach areas of your network. Typical ROIs for our customers are in months, not years, so contact us and see how we can make your datacenters more secure while significantly reducing your management costs.




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